Conversion Formulas

To ConvertMultiply By
Inches to Centimetres2.540
Centimetres to Inches0.393701
Feet to Metres0.3048
Metres to Feet3.280840
Yards to Metres0.9144
Metres to Yards1.093613
Sq Inches to Sq Centimetres6.4516
Sq Centimetres to Sq Inches0.1550
Sq Metres to Sq Feet10.763910
Sq Feet to Sq Metres0.092903
Sq Yards to Sq Metres0.836127
Sq Metres to Sq Yards1.19599
Sq Miles to Sq Kilometres2.589988
Sq Kilometres to Sq Miles0.386 102
Acres to Hectares0.404 686
Hectares to Acres2.471054
Cubic Inches to Cubic Centimetres16.387064
Cubic Centimetres to Cubic Inches0.061024
Cubic Feet to Cubic Metres0.028317
Cubic Metres to Cubic Feet35.314667
Cubic Yards to Cubic Yards0.764555
Cubic Metres to Cubic Yards1.307951
Cubic Inches to Litres0.016387064
Litres to Cubic Inches61.024
Gallons to Litres4.5460921
Litres to Gallons0.219969
Grains to Grams0.064799
Grams to Grains15.432358
Ounces to Grams28.349523
Grams to Ounces0.035274
Pounds to Grams453.592
Grams to Pounds0.002204623
Pounds to Kilograms0.453592
Kilograms to Pounds2.204623
Tons to Kilograms1016.00
Kilograms to Tons0.0009842